How to cook perfect scallops quickly

How to cook perfect scallops

Scallops are an absolute breeze to cook, but still, many struggle to perfect these sweetly-delicious shellfish. In a nutshell, to cook scallops you want to cook hot, cook fast and work quickly. Here are our quick tips to make excellent scallops:

  • Don’t use a non stick pan. Stainless steel or cast iron are best, anything that helps develop a sear is preferred.
  • Ensure the scallops are dry. Pat them dry with a kitchen cloth of needs be – moisture is a huge enemy when pan frying scallops. We want to quickly sear and cook through the scallops. Wet scallops will diffuse the fat in the pan and start to braise or steam the scallop. Not good.
  • Cook hot and cook quickly. Start with a moderately hot pan (be careful!) and don’t fidget with the scallops when you place them down. Let them sear.
  • Start with some olive oil. Cook the scallops in oil to start. If you add butter, add it in the last 30-60 seconds. Any more and the butter will blacken.
  • After a few minutes flip the scallops and repeat the sear
  • You shouldn’t need more than just a few minutes per side, check your temps, don’t overcook.

Scallops can be seasoned in a number of ways. My favorite is in the picture above:

  • A couple teaspoons freshly crushed garlic
  • Tablespoon of butter
  • Small handful of roughly chopped parsley
  • A little salt and pepper

I tend to add these along with the scallops, as frankly, scallops cook very fast.

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